Introduction To Hearing Loss

Hearing loss treatment in Odisha is the best hearing clinic & therapy with having a professional team for your hearing treatment. Now Hearing loss is more common problem found in every individual due to environmental conditions like noise pollution, age related hearing loss & certain drugs and chemicals. There are certain types of hearing loss. 

Types of Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Treatment in odisha

Hearing loss treatment in Odisha giving the best services. A conductive hearing loss (CHL) is caused when sound is blocked in the outer or middle ear. This causes a loss of loudness.

Some causes of this are:

  • excessive earwax
  • damaged eardrum
  • ear infection or fluid in the middle ear
  • stiffness in the bones of the middle ear (otosclerosis)

CHL is often medically

treatable. Where this isn’t possible or effective, hearing aids are often very helpful.

A sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) is where the hair cells in the inner ear or the hearing nerve is damaged and cannot send complete signals to the brain. That can result in a loss of hearing and a lack of clarity.

Some causes are:

  • ageing
  • noise exposure
  • hereditary factors

This type of hearing loss is usually permanent and cannot be corrected with medicine or surgery.

Hearing aids and other listening devices can be very helpful.

This is where both CHL and SNHL exist in combination.


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